Helyna goes to England

I cannot even believe but it's happening

also I wanted to mention that I’m not gonna completely abandon this blog (yet) because I realize there is a whole bunch of photos I need to upload here and talk about Blackpool and Manchester among many other things so

stay tuned
even if I’m not in England anymore


@styrofoamsouls said: Wallace and Gromit weeeey :D Such lovely cards :D Cards or is it a Wallace and Gromit dvd ?

Yeee! It is a DVD! *-* :D
And everyone in the office wrote something nice to me in the card it is so lovely awh *-*

good thing I feel tired enough to not to be properly sad right now
I was pretty sad in the morning though

when I say I’m sad it doesn’t mean I’m sad I had to come home I’m just sad I had to leave if u no wat I mean

these two months were so good and important on so many levels for me, even if I was just generally whining about stuff sometimes :)
I’m gonna talk about it later when I can write more coherent sentences :)

I’m sitting in my bed at home! *-*And these are the gifts the guys gave me yesterday :’)

I’m back at home!
It’s good! It’s weird! I feel kinda… 
… weird :D

styrofoamsouls said: Wish you a good travel home you lovely <3<3 hugs <3<3 :))

Thank youuuu *-* <3 <3 <3

And everyone else who wished me good luck and travel and I didn’t answer them because I’m a dumbo: thank you! :) :) <3

ah so
5.33 - 8.00 train from Preston to London
~~tube :D
bus from London to Luton at around 9.00 I guess
takes max. 2 hours 
plane leaves at 14.25, arrives at 17.00
if everything goes well :)

I might have gotten a little bit emotional tonight when I said goodbye to Kate and Jack and Irene…. 

I’m back!
now - packing.

It’s gonna be hella weird to be home! O_o

god my hair is so much longer than it was 2 months ago